At Home Learning Program

Independent & Instructor-Led Learning Modules for K-5 Academics

Harmony Public School’s At-Home Learning Program is a three-phase distance learning curriculum that allows students to continue their studies at home during times when campuses must be closed due to unforeseen circumstances.

In Phase I, students of all ages levels are provided paper-based academic packets to complete at home and return once classes resume. To ensure fairness, students will be given feedback on their work, but not actual grades.

In Phases II, students and teachers go online for a comprehensive digital learning experience that includes elements of independent learning, video-based lessons, and a variety of online softwares, including Google Classroom. (IMPORTANT NOTE: Students without computers or access to the internet at home should contact their school, which can provide access.)

Through each phase, teachers will be available via email and other digital platforms to provide structure, guidance, and feedback.

To learn more, select a Phase below.

Phase 1

Learning Packets

Students start taking advantage of Harmony Distance Learning Resources prepared by curriculum directors. The campuses schedule curb-side delivery times of printed versions of the packages. Students may return those packages for feedback. Submissions will not be graded officially.

Access to Technology

Students will sign in to my.harmonytx portal to reach integrated software and google classrooms in Chromebooks or other devices. Students without computers or access to the internet at home can contact their school.

Getting Ready for Google Classrooms

Harmony will utilize Google Classrooms in the next phase. In preparation for this phase,

Curriculum Directors and SCLs will

  • set up initial google classrooms as a model for our teachers
  • weekly share content via Google Drive to support the google classrooms

Teachers will

  • complete google classroom and G-Suite training
  • set up their google classroom using the model created by curriculum directors and SCLs (teachers have the flexibility to modify and enhance the model lessons)
  • contact students and parents
  • develop online lessons which include self-study tools, assignments, and assessments
  • provide feedback (no grades until further notice)
  • provide accommodations and/or modifications for students in special education and 504 programs
  • reach out to parents to ensure that communication channels are set for each student
  • maintain professionalism while communicating with students; keep online learning environment as sole communication tool; refrain from text messaging and social networking

Administrators will

  • complete google classroom and G-Suite training
  • support teachers during the setup and implementation process
  • work on the logistics of the distance learning plan
  • attend to students’ and parents’ needs and questions
  • supervise the teaching and learning in Google classrooms
Phase 2

Google Classrooms

HPS utilizes Google G-Suite platform to provide learning plans for the students. Students log in to My Harmony accounts to join the google classrooms by using the codes provided by their teachers. Teachers use the platform to communicate, provide feedback, and assess the learning progress of their students. Harmony students have already been using blended learning software in their classrooms; software will be integrated into learning plans.

Below, you will find the comprehensive plan and a sample daily schedule students can follow.

Distance Learning Comprehensive Plans

Content Area Learning Platform  Integrated Online Resources  Blended Learning Goals  Useful Information
Pre-K Google Classroom Headsprouts under RazKids N/A Students will work on integrated topics. They can use their Headsprouts accounts under RazKids.
Mathematics (K-2) Google Classroom HMH Think Central, Dreambox or ST Math 20 minutes per day Assignments will be posted in Google Classroom, but students will need to login to their Harmony Portal to access their Go Math Lessons and videos. Learning packets that correlate to the online lessons will also be available for students without the internet.
Mathematics (3-5) Google Classroom ALEKS, Go Math 2 ALEKS topics per day
ELAR (K-2) Google Classroom HMH Ed Online, RazKids, I-Read Daily 45 min

( 30 min Raz Kids; 15 min I-Read)

Activities will be posted in Google Classroom, but students need to login to their Harmony Portal to access HMH passages, iRead, and Raz-Kids; HMH Passages are also provided in PDF.
ELA (3-5) Google Classroom RazKids,HMH Ed Online, No Red Ink Read 30 mins a day

Write 10 mins a day

Independent reading and writing will be daily. Students will login and have assignments in HMH, Raz-Kids, NoRedInk (gr 4-5),

Sample Daily Schedule

Activity Estimated Time Platform
ELA 30 min. Google Classroom
Math 30 min. Google Classroom
Science/SS 30 min. Google Classroom


Independent Reading/Writing Practice 20 min. MyON, RazKids, No Red Ink,or hard-copy books
Math Lab 20 min. Dreambox, ALEKS, Math XL
Specials/Electives 20 min. Google Classroom

Everyday Routines


Wash Your Hands

Physical Activity 30 min.
Bedtime Reading 15-20 min.

HPS Distance Learning Grading Guidelines

Harmony’s main focus is on the continuum of the learning process, not on the grading of assignments during these historic times. Best formative practices are promoted to include timely feedback, multiple opportunities, and additional time to ensure mastery of the concepts. Our administrators, teachers, and specialists are well-prepared to provide support and direction more than ever during this phase of distance learning.

Below you can find the details of grading for Pre-K and Kindergarten and Grades 1-5.

Pre K – Kindergarten

PK and Kindergarten teachers will provide assignments in google classrooms. Just like regular school time, they will continue grading in Skyward on academic indicators based on student progress in distance learning. Progress reports will be provided every three weeks.

GRADES 1 – 5

Core Courses: Students will be assigned weekly assignments in core courses (Math, science, social studies, and language arts). Students are expected to return their assignments in various ways (google classroom, other integrated platforms, a picture taken). Math and ELA labs will be graded under the main course.

Electives/Specials: Teachers will assign optional weekly experiences in electives, technology applications, PE, and Fine Arts courses. No submission is required in those classrooms.

Grading on Google Classroom: Progress Monitoring

  • Grades will not be assigned until April 13, 2020 so that students and families can adjust to the routines of distance learning.
  • Starting April 13, numerical grades will be assigned by teachers in google classroom gradebook.
  • We ask our teacher to provide multiple opportunities to complete assignments. Retest and flexible deadlines are promoted.

Skyward Gradebook: Official Grading

  • No numerical grades will be assigned in Skyward during distance learning time (4th Quarter). Students will receive one of the performance indicators(PI) below at the end of a week based on their progress on google classrooms.
    • E-Excellent
    • S-Satisfactory
    • N-Needs Improvement,
    • I-Incomplete
  • Overall Quarter4 PI: Teachers will enter an overall PASS/FAIL/ or INCOMPLETE indicator for 4th quarter grade by the end of distance learning time. For electives and specials, teachers will enter X-Not Assessed indicator as Q4 grade.

Final Student Failure/Promotion Decisions: School Promotion Committee

  • Student failure decisions will occur after the closure of distance learning. The school promotion committee should factor in both three quarter performance and performance indicators during digital learning time.
Special Education and 504

Students with Special Needs

Harmony Public Schools (HPS) has developed a solid plan to provide instructional, speech therapy and related services to students in Special Education, Section 504 and Dyslexia programs virtually through our Distance Learning Program. Below you will find detailed information on how these services are provided followed by brief guidelines for Section 504 and special education evaluations, ARD and 504 meetings.

How will we provide instructional services?

  1. For students in special education and 504 programs, accommodations and/or modifications are implemented by our teachers in Google Classrooms.
  2. For students in pullout programs, our special education teachers create Google Classrooms and provide resources and support virtually.

Instructional Services for Students in 504 Programs: Accommodations continue in general education Google classrooms and will be implemented by subject teachers.

Mainstream Instructional Services: Accommodations, modifications and IEP implementation continue in general education Google Classrooms by general education teachers.

Inclusion Services: Accommodations, modifications and IEP implementation continue in general education Google Classrooms. Inclusion teachers are added as co- teacher to applicable general education Google Classrooms per IEPs. They provide support to students with inclusion services in collaboration with subject teachers and assist in implementing IEPs and accommodations.

Resource Services: Resource teachers create their own Google Classrooms, provide resources and support virtually for the subjects applicable per students’ IEPs. IEP goals, accommodations and modifications are implemented.

Life Skills Services: Life Skills teachers create Google Classrooms for their students in life skills program. Goals, accommodations, modifications, academic contents, functional and vocational skills are addressed through instruction provided in Google classroom per the students’ IEPs. Daily lessons and reading books are assigned from N2Y Unique to cover academic contents. Activities are planned to assist with functional, vocational and living skills per IEPs.

Behavior Services: Behavior teachers create Google classrooms for their students. The first week’s general lessons in Google Classrooms focused on structuring the distance learning in the student’s home. Lessons are included to address the students’ behavior IEPs/BIPs. Behavior teachers are required to contact parents a minimum of once weekly to assist with behavior in the home. Teachers may be requested to contact parents more frequently if the student’s behavior warrants or parents are requesting more frequent contact.

Dyslexia Services: Dyslexia teachers create Google Classrooms for their students receiving instructional dyslexia services per IEPs or 504 plans. Dyslexia lessons review strategies to keep students refreshed on phonics, reading and writing.

In order to provide students with special needs a learning opportunity equal to that of their general education peers, these instructional services started with and are part of our Distance Learning Program.

Confidentiality: Students access to their usual Special Education or Dyslexia teachers through Google Classrooms. The class identifiers do not include any term implying that it is a Special Education, 504 or Dyslexia program but your child is sent an invitation to join the Classroom by a teacher they recognize as one who has been providing these special services.

How do we provide Speech Therapy and Related Services?

Speech and Related Services: To the greatest extent possible, speech therapy and related services (such as Counseling/Psychological Services, Occupational Therapy (OT), Physical Therapy (PT), Assistive Technology (AT), Sign Language, Braille, and Auditory Impairment (AI) Services) are provided during Harmony’s distance learning program.  These services utilize a combination and variety of methods including provision of resources and equipment, weekly check-ins for assistance to parents and students and/or virtual service through teleservice (via internet or telephone). Assistive Technology and other devices may be picked up by parents at the schools.

Campus officials and service providers will contact parents and provide a notice about the delivery method, schedules, service times, expectations from the parents and students, and other relevant details. When direct in-person instruction resumes, the ARD committee may meet to review student progress, discuss and decide whether IEP needs to be revised and additional speech therapy and/or related services are needed.

Brief Guidelines for Section 504 and special education evaluations, ARD and 504 meetings:

504 Evaluations, Review, Annual Meetings and Services: To the greatest extent possible, Section 504 plans are implemented during the distance learning program. A 504 meeting will be held for students whose 504 plan is due for annual or review and for students whose plan requires evaluations.

ARD Meetings: In this time of school closures and to the greatest extent possible, HPS holds virtual ARD meetings and provides virtual services as required by your child’s IEP. Initial, re-evaluation and annual ARDs that are due or will be due soon and ARDs requested by parents will be conducted virtually. ARD committee discussions will cover the services to be provided when the student is physically at school and those to be provided through distance learning

Full Individual Evaluations (FIE):

Initial FIE: Service Providers and Harmony will complete initial FIE assessments to the greatest extent possible.  If the assessment is complete (no further face to face testing or classroom observation is required)  or partially complete sufficiently to determine eligibility for one or more suspected disabilities , an evaluation report will be written, provided to you and an ARD will be held virtually. If Initial FIE testing cannot be completed, testing will be completed when students return to school until then no disability condition and services can be determined due to insufficient data. In such cases, RtI accommodations will be provided to initial referrals.

Three year and other Re-evaluations: The ARD committees will meet virtually to decide on services to be provided to the greatest extent possible.

After school facilities reopen and resume normal operation, services as specified in the student’s (IEP/504 Plan) will continue. If parents or the student’s (ARD Committee /Section 504 Committee) wish to consider the need for revision of IEPs/ 504 plans and additional services, an ARD/504 meeting will convene.

For current questions about this information or any other questions or current concerns regarding services and accommodations to your child, please contact your campus Special Programs-Section 504 coordinator or Principal. If you have disagreements with the above-mentioned plan, please know that either the campus or the parent may request ARD or 504 meeting to discuss services and revise the plan at any time during the closures. Please feel free to contact the campus officials mentioned above. We will certainly hold those meetings per parent requests.

The health and safety of our student and their families is our greatest concern and we thank you, ask for your understanding, patience and assistance as we continue to educate and service your child per their IEPs and 504 plans in these unprecedented and difficult times. Be safe.

Healthy Minds

Healthy Minds

Dear Families,

During this time of uncertainty we want you to know that we are still here for you. If your student feels that they need someone to talk to, our counselors can set aside a special time just for them. You may click the link below, and one of our counselors will contact you to set up a Zoom invite. Please notePermission for TalkTime can only be granted by a parent/guardian.

*If you have an urgent need you can call the COVID-19 mental health hotline for 24/7 assistance 833-986-1919.

**If you have a medical emergency please call 911.

To request a Talk Time session, visit

(Your request will be shared ONLY with the counselor assigned to your district.)


Harmony and its community partners offer a variety of mental health services for those needing additional help or just someone to talk to regarding COVID-19 anxiety or stress.

Our local Education Service Center has also set up additional resources for you including a 24/7 Mental Health Support line for COVID-19 through the Harris Center areas outside of Houston can reach this helpline at 833-986-1919.

Those resources can all be found here:Safe and Healthy Schools – COVID-19

Mental Health America has compiled multiple resources to assist you during this time including a 24/7 Crisis Text Line.

Those resources can be found here: Mental Health and COVID-19.

Additionally, the Texas Education Agency has created a resource document for mental health needs related to COVID-19. This document can be viewed or downloaded here.

Finally, Harmony Public Schools is sharing all of its system-wide information on COVID-19 response at