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Child Nutrition is pleased to offer parents comprehensive access to lunch balances, payments, eligibility application, and even more through School Café. To create a parent account, click on the schoolcafé button below and read the instructions to set up an account.

Student Eligibility for Free or Reduced Price Meals

Applications for free and reduced price meals may be submitted online through School Café. This can be accessed through personal computer, computer available at the school for this use, or by downloading the School Café app for iPhone or Android devices. Paper applications are also available in the school office.

Once an application is submitted, please allow up to 10 operating days to process the application. During this time the household is responsible for paying for meals until an eligibility determination has been made.

When completing an application, remember to include the names and ID#’s of ALL students who attend Harmony schools.

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Siblings on Applications

If a sibling later enrolls, after the original application was submitted, contact the Lunch Clerk at the school to add the new student sibling to the current application.

It is the household’s responsibility to inform the school of any new students enrolling in a Harmony school after the initial application was submitted.

All new students default to Paid eligibility if the school is not informed otherwise.

New Applications

Households may submit a new application at any time during the school year and are encouraged to do so if income decreases or the household begins receiving SNAP/TANF benefits. Eligibility is valid for the current school year and 30 operating days into the next school year.

Households must re-apply every year, unless they receive a letter from the school stating that they are already pre-certified for free meals.

Payments & Refunds

Upon enrollment to Harmony, each student is provided a meal account that is linked to their ID#. Money may be deposited online through School Café , or at the school office using credit card, check, or money order.

Refunds from the meal account may be requested from the school’s Lunch Clerk. After completing the request form, the refund check will be mailed to the student’s home address.

Meal Charge Policy

Upon enrollment in Harmony Public Schools, each student is provided a lunch account onto which money may be deposited for breakfast, lunch, or a la carte milk. Money may be deposited by credit card, check, or money order in the school office. You may also deposit money online by setting up an account at In addition to making payments, you may also arrange for low balance alerts and schedule automatic payments.

School Café is available online and as an app for both iPhone and Android devices.

If you would like to apply for free or reduced price meals, the lunch application is available online at A paper copy of the application is also available at the school office. Once an application is submitted, the school will inform the household within 10 operating days of the student’s eligibility.

Should a student’s meal account balance fall below $0, he/she will be allowed to charge up to the district limit. Once the negative meal account balance limit is reached, the student will receive an alternate meal.

Harmony goes to great lengths to communicate with parents about the status of their student’s lunch balance. Parents will be notified when a student’s balance approaches $0. The school will make several additional attempts to contact the parents regarding negative balances prior to the student receiving an alternate meal. Parents may view meal account balances at any time by logging in to their School Café account. Please note that while households later approved for free meals will begin receiving free meals immediately, they are still responsible for paying negative balances accrued on the meal account.

Students are not allowed to purchase a la carte items if their account has a $0 or negative balance. If they are purchasing a milk, we will allow them one charge as a courtesy. The Lunch Clerk will inform the student and parent that there must be funds in the meal account for a la carte purchases. The next attempt to purchase a la carte items will be denied until the account shows a positive balance

The district charge limit applies to reimbursable meals only and not a la carte purchases.

Special Dietary Accommodations

Any requests for special dietary accommodations in the school provided breakfast or lunch meals must be made through the Child Nutrition Department.

Complete the Special Dietary Accommodations form and return to the school Lunch Clerk.

Requests for milk substitutes may be signed by a parent/guardian, but any other accommodation request must be written and signed by a medical authority licensed to write prescriptions in the state of Texas. It must include an explanation of the student’s disability, how this disability restricts the child’s diet, and what major life activity is affected by the disability.

The statement must also include a detailed description of the requested accommodations, such as food items to be omitted/substituted, texture modifications, etc.

Wellness Policy

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The next meeting of the Wellness Policy Advisory Council is scheduled for TBD. The district invites the attendance of parents, students, Child Nutrition, physical education teachers, school health professionals, Board members, administrators, and members of the public to attend the meeting. During the meeting the committee will discuss the current Wellness Plan and include updates for the next school year. The committee will also assess the previous year’s achievement of set goals and create a Wellness Plan Assessment for the current school year. If you have any questions, please call the District office and ask to speak with the District Child Nutrition Coordinator.