May 1, 8:30 AM – May 12, 3:30 PM

We are excited to announce that we will have our last Book Fair for the year during the week of May 1st- May 5th! Check out our Book Fair Homepage for all of the details on our Book Far.

Book Fair eWallet is a digital payment option that’s a safe, convenient alternative to cash. It’s easy to create an eWallet for students to shop the Fair or for teachers to set up an eWallet to build classroom libraries. The account owner simply adds funds and/or invites family and friends to contribute. At the time of checkout, the eWallet account can be looked up on the register or scanned for payment at the Fair.

Families can set up an eWallet from their schools Book Fair homepage. From there, an eWallet information page displays. Families will be asked to sign in to Scholastic registration or set up a new account. All on-screen instructions should be followed to complete eWallet setup. eWallet funds never expire and can be used to shop online with Scholastic or to fund an eWallet for a future Book Fair.

Check out these websites to preview some of the books that will be at the fair